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Swank is a work in progress. A home for writing that takes risks. A place to encourage the spirit of adventure in literary pursuits.

Modernism defined the literary landscape so well, so completely, that all anyone has been able to do since is reproduce it in ever dimming colors, or play with it. We enjoy postmodernism – some of our best friends, etc. – but let’s face it: postmodernism has never been anything more than a reaction to modernism, its territory circumscribed by those pixie twins, elegy and irony.


If there is to be ongoing life in literature, it lies in exploring the frontiers. Let those of us with a love of language and a belief in the power of narrative make a stand to escape corporate consolidation and the steady push of strip mall homogeneity, and anything else that stands between writers and readers. Let us work on a human scale that encourages connection and conversation.

Let us create something new and beautiful. Let us fail spectacularly. And succeed occasionally. And in the doing, create flashes of light that inspire others.

Our inspiration, from day one: “Literature remains alive only if we set ourselves immeasurable goals, far beyond all hope of achievement.” Italo Calvino