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Spinning Will

213 pages
5.5 x 7.5
Trade paper
February 2008

Spinning Will

by P.M. Woods

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Spinning Will is the story of a woman’s journey to awareness as she comes to understand her long-term – and mostly long-distance – affair with a married man. We follow Nora on a cross-country exploration away from California, away from Will, to small town, upstate New York where her fresh start is challenged by Will’s reemergence. Spinning Will follows the logic of memory; each recollection from Nora is a key that opens a door in a self-reflective journey toward a new life.

“Spinning Will is a wonderfully seductive book, a tale whose hypnotic language migrates between the rocky California coast and the slow, steady flow of the Hudson River, between the sorrow and exuberance of leaving one life for another.” Joyce Hinnefeld, author of Tell Me Everything